The project is a 26-month partnership at the European level that brings together 5 civil society organisations from 4 different countries (Pista Mágica and Movimento Transformers from Portugal, CARDET from Cyprus, Neo Sapiens from Spain and Südwind from Austria) with the intent of creating two main products: an innovative Gamified Digital Platform to educate youngsters for Civic Participation and a Guide  for Youth Workers to develop techniques to use and feed the digital platform. Both products will be created by different partners and also tested on partner countries.

Our Objectives


Increase the quality of education and training and youth work in Europe and beyond: combining higher levels of excellence and attractiveness with increased opportunities for all, including those at disadvantage

ICTs and OER

Enhance the strategic and integrated use of ICTs and open educational resources (OER) in education, training and youth systems


Promote participation in democratic European life and active citizenship of young people, youth workers, members of youth organizations and youth leaders


Improve the quality of youth work, in particular by strengthening cooperation between organizations in the youth sector and / or other stakeholders

International Dimension

Strengthen the international dimension of activities in the youth sector and strengthen the capacity of youth workers and organizations to support young people, in complementarity with the European Union's external action

Education and Training

Create an innovative approach for young people and youth workers, providing a more attractive education and training tool, in line with the needs and expectations of individuals and using participatory approaches and ICT-based methodologies

Digital Skills

Increase digital skills; promote more active participation in society and a more positive attitude towards the European project and EU values through the digital education tool